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Trailhead the off roader's choice for tire deflators


Automatic Tire Deflators

Trailhead is the first and only complete automatic tire deflator kit made in the USA. 

We are extremely proud of the fact that Trailhead has the distinction of being the best automatic tire deflator made and carries a LIFETIME WARRANTY.

Trailhead is a corporate member of Tread Lightly organization.

United Four-Wheel Drive Associations has chosen Trailhead Deflators. The UFWDA has given their support to Trailhead Deflators, over 15,000 members.

From the start Trailhead has maintained it quality throughout the past 25 years. Trailhead is 100% manufactured in the USA.

​Using alloy air craft aluminum, the Trailhead deflator has been crafted to be ultra light with a slim body design. All the adjustment points are inside the body thus making the deflator suited to airing down while you drive, and no worry about accidentally changing the pressure settings when installing or removing them. These features set Trailhead apart from any other deflators in the market.

Thanks for your interest in Trailhead Deflators.

Jim Everett